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Emotional 'Black-ish' Season Finale Welcomes New Baby

On the season finale of Black-ish, preeclampsia forced the Johnson's to have their baby two months early. The reality of the situation was understandably almost too much for Dre and Bow to take.

Since Bow is a doctor she didn't seem overly concerned on the surface but her husband didn't quite share those sentiments. When the doctor told him that should a complication arise the hospital's priority is to save the mother unless she has a DNR (do not resuscitate) document, Dre almost broke down.

In the delivery room, the couple stayed close together throughout the cesarean birth and focused on the positives -- like Bow's amazing hair. The positive attitude paid off because Devonté Johnson was born healthy despite being premature.

Bow sent Dre to be with the baby in the NICU but the father was reluctant, saying, "What if I fall in love with that baby and he breaks my heart?"

With some encouragement from his father, who said "Look, I can't guarantee everything's gonna be alright, no one can. But I can promise you this -- If you don't get in there and spend every moment you can with him right now, you will regret it." Dre went in and met his newest son.