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'Empire' Has a Bad Case of the Baby Snatchers

On Empire everyone had baby fever after Child Protective Services took Baby Bella out of the hands of the Lyons, but it got even worse when they mysteriously couldn't find Bella in the CPS computer system. With Bella mysteriously lost and no paper trail to track her down, Cookie did what Cookie does best and put the squeeze on her ex-boyfriend, Angelo. As her crew threw punches on him, it was clear he had no idea where she was. And although Mama Dubois had told Angelo she had nothing to do with taking Baby Bella, it turned out her baby fever was the worst of all when at home she introduced Angelo to the newest member of the Dubois family, Baby Bella.

And Bella wasn't the only baby taking center stage. Last week Rhonda told Andre that Anika pushed their daughter down the stairs to her death and this week he was kind of mad about it. Throwing Anika on the couch he threatened her life and she actually wanted him to kill her saying, "I wanted so badly to be a Lyon. I sold my soul, and now my baby... I deserve to suffer!" But he decided not to murder Anika, instead letting her suffer in life.