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An entire class of investors is trying to make their voice heard in a way that they’re usually shut out: Titan Co-Founder & Co-CEO

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Joe Percoco, Titan Co-Founder & Co-CEO joins the Yahoo Finance panel to discuss Titan’s investment app as well was how Gamestop saga change the way retail investors invest.

Video Transcript

ZACK GUZMAN: Want to start with those wild swings we've been seeing play out in the retail space. Of course, we got the update that Robinhood's co-founder, Vlad Tenev, who we had on the show last week, is going to be going to Washington, DC, or at least streaming in to Washington, DC for a House hearing there. It's triggered a lot of maybe jitters, shall we call them, in the market.

Perhaps not today as we see things return to normal. But a lot of questions out there for investors about what it means for the broader market. And here to discuss that with us is Joe Percoco, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Titan, an investment manager built for everyday investors.

And Joe, appreciate you coming on here to chat. I know you guys offer kind of, you know, this-- this solution to customers out there who may or may not have played in this retail enthusiasm, maybe played individual names. You guys kind of help make it a little bit easier. So what are you seeing from your clients out there right now in terms of their investment take on all of this and where they're looking to put money to work?

JOE PERCOCO: Thanks for having me on, Zack. Yeah, what we're seeing is now, more than ever, staying informed and educating our clients is particularly important. There's so much going on, so much noise. But importantly, it seems like an entire class of investors is trying to make their voice heard in a way that they were usually shut out. So right now, more than ever, we're telling our clients just to stay informed and stay educated.

AKIKO FUJITA: Joe, the retail trade, of course, isn't necessarily new, but it did feel like last week we really hit a peak in terms of a surge in interest. What kind of spillover effect did that have for Titan? How many additional clients did you sign up as a result?

JOE PERCOCO: Yeah. We've been growing exceptionally fast. Our whole mission has been to democratize everything that we've been seeing in the media these days on these locked hedge funds and try to bring the elite of Wall Street to the everyday investor. I think the last time we were on here, Akiko, here on Yahoo, was last April, and we've 6x'ed since then. So we're now managing close to half a billion in assets on behalf of tens of thousands of customers. And they're all sort of clamoring to get in the door, because, you know, you really do need, in times like these, an expert investment manager in your pocket explaining everything in simple English.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, it's interesting, because we've seen kind of the surge of that in Wealthfront, Betterment, there's a few out there. What exactly does Titan bring to the table in terms of offerings that might be different than what's out there right now?

JOE PERCOCO: Yeah, we think there's a lot of really great products on the market. In terms of what we bring, our firm goal is to make sure we be an elite investment manager. So clients come to us for us to manage their capital in an elite way.

We have two strategies, a flagship strategy, which is large-cap growth focused identifying 20 stocks. We have an opportunity strategy, which is focused on under-the-radar businesses. We just initiated a position today in Poshmark, for example. So for us, our goal is to sort of be that investment manager for our clients.

AKIKO FUJITA: Of course, the popularity of Robinhood is-- we have seen so much growth there, because a lot of retail traders want to be in control of their own money. It feels like Titan is using what some would say is more of a traditional model. What's the pitch to some of those users who say, look, if I can do everything on my app, why should I come to you?

JOE PERCOCO: Yeah, really great question, Akiko. The big insight that we have is a lot of folks will dip their toes on these platforms, maybe I'll put 10-- they say, maybe I'll put 10% of my assets, and then I'll pick and choose my own stocks, but I don't trust myself to trade the blood, sweat, and my tears of my savings myself. So I'm going to keep this either in passive indexes, mutual funds, you name it. And for that lion's share of their assets, that's what they give to us.

They say, hey, maybe I do want to have a little bit of exposure trading things myself, but in reality, I don't want to screw this thing up. This is my life savings. Can I have an expert in my pocket do it for me? So in a sense, you're absolutely right. We take an old-school approach, which traditionally has been locked for retail investors, and try to give that to them in a really powerful way.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, I'm sure after today's moves, those investors who may have been late to the game in GameStop and AMC might be rethinking whether or not they want to be the ones here calling the shots. But Joe Percoco, a Titan Co-Founder and Co-CEO, appreciate you taking the time here to chat today.

JOE PERCOCO: Thanks for having me, Zack.