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Eric Stonestreet on Bethenny Frankel Dating Rumors, 'She's a Wonderful Kisser'

Bethenny Frankel and Eric Stonestreet were on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. And when the topic of Bethenny's love life came up, Andy couldn't resist the urge to ask the question on everyone's mind. For over a year, tabloids and entertainment publications have speculated that the two were more than friends.

After inquiring about a past relationship Frankel had with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, host Andy Cohen asked Frankel "Did you two ever date?" After an awkward beat, Frankel responded "Since he's an actor and I live my life out loud, I'll let [him] start unless [he] want me to answer."

With all the audience's eyes on Modern Family star, Stonestreet handled the situation beautifully, saying "I mean, we met and I think we both decided that we make much better friends." He then got a laugh when he added, "But she's a wonderful kisser."