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Everyone Loses Their Minds Before ‘Big Brother’ Live Eviction

On Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother, it seemed like everyone had completely lost their minds when the hostility level hit an all time high, marking it the most dramatic and explosive week in BB history.

After walking in on Raven, Kevin and Jason talking about her, Jessica pulled Raven to the side to tell her that what she had seen and heard was “sketchy”. Keep in mind, little birdy Raven has been flying under the radar. That is, until this week. Jessica always knew she wasn't as innocent as she seemed and, on Thursday, Raven finally showed her true colors. The two ended up in an all out catfight, screaming at the top of their lungs… over Alex’s missing cat ears. Yes, cat ears. Turns out, Raven has quite a dirty mouth and a big temper when provoked.

With the entire house against Cody and Jessica, Paul decided to seize the opportunity to really go crazy on them by telling everyone to, basically, harass them. So, Josh continued to bang pans and sing his meatball song, while Raven continued to embarrass herself. Meanwhile, Jody decided to just keep to themselves and ignore the mayhem, but the two couldn’t help wonder if staying in the game was even worth it anymore if it meant they had to live in the house for another week of torture.