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EVs: Average auction bids for Ford and Rivian’s electric pickup trucks double overall market

Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi shares his stat of the day, which is that average auction bids for Ford's F-150 and Rivian's electric pickup truck are double the price of a Tesla and the overall EV market.

Video Transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: All right, consumers have spoken. And they clearly like what's on offer on the EV front from Rivian and Ford. As our Stat of the Day shows, new data from online automotive wholesale marketplace ACV found that the average auction bids for Rivians and Ford F-150 Lightnings have been more than double that of both Teslas and the overall market for electric vehicles. The electric F-150 debuted on the ACV platform in June, an average sales price of $118-- almost $119,000, while the average electric vehicle sold for about $55,000. Big, big price tag.