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What to expect from Apple's 2021 WWDC

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Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to discuss what to expect from Apple's 2021 WWDC.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: Checking the Apple stock right now, it's up about 1%, 1 and 1/2%. Gadgets galore, right? That's what we usually get at the World Conference at their usual there, the Worldwide Developers Conference. Dan Howley, that's coming up on Monday. What can we expect?

DAN HOWLEY: Ooh, we got a ton-- a ton of cool Apple stuff coming on Monday at WWDC. We actually put together this tidy little package. Take a look.

- Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off virtually on Monday. Expect to get major updates to everything from the software powering your iPhone and iPad to possibly a new MacBook or two. But the most important news from WWDC is always about iOS. And that means we should get a look at iOS 15.

Apple soothsayer Bloomberg's Mark [INAUDIBLE] reports that the latest version of iOS will get improvements to notification settings for situations when you're in a meeting or sleeping, as well as new privacy features and updates to iMessage to make it more of a competitor to Facebook's WhatsApp. Phone [? arena, ?] meanwhile, says that iOS 15 will allow users to change even more default apps, which could help some of the regulatory scrutiny Apple has faced about its control over iOS.

On the iPad side of things, Apple could be releasing its largest ever update for the iPad's home screen, giving users the ability to get rid of all of their individual app icons and turn the entire screen into interactive widgets. There's little we know about Watch OS 8, but Apple usually makes a number of changes to its watch faces every year and generally adds new fitness options. You can already do everything from logging badminton to surfing, so it's hard to imagine what else the company can do. But there's always something.

Mac OS is also said to be getting a minor update this year after the major changes it saw last year as part of Mac OS Big Sur. As for those new MacBooks, leaker Jon Prosser says that Apple will roll out its new MacBook Pro 14 inch and MacBook Pro 16 inch, complete with Magsafe chargers and a return of the SD card slot. The laptops could also get more powerful versions of Apple's M1 chip, dubbed the M2. Apple will be streaming WWDC from its website at 1:00 PM Eastern on June 7. Yahoo Finance will have full analysis.

DAN HOWLEY: So yeah, there's plenty, plenty to expect here-- iOS, iPadOS, Watch OS. And I dig that little tune that we had going in the background there. That sounded pretty groovy.

ADAM SHAPIRO: I got to ask you something, Dan, because these things are so 2018. What's the news about wireless charging with iPads?

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, we're expecting in 2022, maybe the end of this year, two different things-- an iPad Pro, this according to Bloomberg again, basically saying that they're going to have a glass back on the iPad Pro with wireless charging and even reverse wireless charging. So you could take your iPad Pro, which is a big sucker, and put your iPhone on it and charge your iPhone through it.

And then the other thing is, thank God, at some point this year, we may see a new version of the iPad Mini. That thing is very old, looks very old. Still has the big home button and the large borders around the home screen. Hopefully, we'll get a more fleshed out edge to edge display to make it look more modern. I love the iPad Mini. So hopefully that comes sooner, rather than later.

JULIA LA ROCHE: I'm also excited about that one, Dan. You always have such a great pulse when it comes to technology. And so is there one thing that you're the most excited about from the Worldwide Developers Conference this year?

DAN HOWLEY: The prospect of maybe seeing those new MacBooks, the idea that Apple had the M1 chip in its prior ones, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, and did really well with them, as well as in the iMac and Mac Mini, to see a newer version, they're calling it the M2 so far. At least, that's what the leaks are. Apple hasn't confirmed or denied that existence yet.

But to see something that powerful going into a new Pro, perhaps that would show, really, that Apple is able to compete now with the likes of Nvidia, as far as graphics processing goes. But that remains to be seen. Nvidia is still the top dog in that market, followed by AMD. But look, if Apple's M2 can crush it, as far as the performance goes on graphics, then my goodness, everybody really has to watch out.

ADAM SHAPIRO: Dan Howley, we will be watching.