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Explosive 'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Owen Finds Sister and Stephanie Saves Child From Rapist

The lead up to the season finale of Grey's Anatomy was an explosive one. Owen learned the fate of his sister and Stephanie may have made the ultimate sacrifice to save a little girl.

Representatives from the military showed up as Owen's house and informed him that his sister Megan was alive. While serving in the Army, Megan's helicopter crashed, and despite her body never being found Owen assumed she was dead. While the news was happy, the guilt of having moved on with his life left Owen crippled with guilt. While talking to Amelia, Owen broke down saying, "I left Megan in a hole in the ground for almost 10 years. Weeks would go by, and I... Didn't give her a thought. I couldn't spare her a thought when she was being held and tortured."

Meanwhile Stephanie was moving a seemingly nice patient who turned out to be a homicidal rapist. The rapist took her hostage and forced her to help him escape. But when the hospital went on lockdown, the two found themselves stuck on an empty floor alongside a lost girl. In order to save the girl, Stephanie set the rapist on fire.

While the fire killed the rapist, his burning body landed beside some large oxygen tanks which ruptured and caused a massive explosion.

Unfortunately Stephanie was at ground zero of the explosion which normally would mean she has ground zero chance of survival -- but this is Shondaland so reality is taken with a grain of salt. Guess we'll just have to tune into next week's finale to see what happens.