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This extreme anti-aging technique has baby boomers acting like vampires

When former mortician Bill Faloon co-founded the Church of Perpetual Life in Florida five years ago, it wasn’t to bring people together to worship immortality — it was to achieve it. He introduced what he seems to consider the most promising immortality option thus far: infusing older people with the blood of young, healthy millennials.

Faloon is not the creator of this theory, he’s just the face of it. The doctor touting the benefits of blood transfusions — and the one who says he’s launching a study on it — is Dipnarine Maharaj. A hematologist based in Florida, Dr. Maharaj is founder and medical director of the Maharaj Institute, where he performs outpatient bone-marrow and stem-cell transplants.

His clinic and his philosophy revolve around what’s called “immune regenerative medicine” a procedure defined on his website as “the process of replacing or ‘regenerating’ human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.” The idea of transfusing young blood into a body suffering the effects of aging falls into this category, making Maharaj an obvious choice to take up the crusade.