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Fans can’t get enough of Kendrick Lamar’s acting debut on ‘Power’

On Sunday’s episode of the Starz original series, Power, rapper Kendrick Lamar made his acting debut as a character named Laces. In a conversation with show creator, Courtney Kemp, after the episode, Lamar described Laces as “a drug abuser.”Another word to describe Laces could be, hilarious. At least that’s what people were saying on Twitter:

The character was tailor-made specifically for Lamar by Kemp, along with executive producer and show regular, 50 Cent. Lamar and 50 had good chemistry on screen, and left things hanging at a point where Lamar could make return. Fans are hoping they get to see more of Laces, with one even calling for Lamar to become a series regular on the show. And we couldn’t agree more. Power airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.Check out what happened when Shaquille O’Neal got stuck in the water with sharks to kick of Shark Week:

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