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'Fear Factor' Returns With Freaky Morgue Challenge of Your Nightmares

After quite the hiatus Fear Factor has returned in all it's freaky creep crawly glory. Ludacris has taken over as host and he seems to be in his comfort zone watching people very much not in their comfort zones. In this episode three pairs of siblings faced off. They had to contend with having worms and hissing roaches dumped on them while strapped down to a bed. They had to feel around, find the roaches and place them in a plastic box.

They also designed a special shark tank with a door that they had to screw off while underwater with only tiny breathing holes at the top of the tank cut into clear plastic.

And they were also put in vacuum sealed body bags and placed in tiny pitch black morgue drawers, while they waited patiently for their chained up sibling in the neighboring morgue drawer to rescue them.