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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ midseason premiere: All’s well that ends water well

On the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, Walker’s people moved onto the ranch. But there was a huge problem in that they didn’t even have enough water for the people that were were already on the ranch.

Turns out the water was running dry. And the lack water only fueled the distrust between the ranchers and Walker’s people.

Madison and Walker traveled to a trading post in search of 10,000 gallons of supplemental water but all they found was one Victor Strand who needed rescuing. Without discussing it with Walker, Madison spent all of the water money on freeing Strand.

Since Strand knew where the damn is located, Madison said, “You're gonna take us to this dam, get us all the water we need - a permanent solution.”

Meanwhile, the ranch is falling apart. Troy was banished for being a psychopath but that did mean peace. In fact Nick became the new defacto leader of the militia.

But just when it seemed like bloodshed was inevitable, Nick noticed Alicia and a small group of people trying to dig a new well. Inspired, Nick threw down his weapons and started digging. It wasn’t long before many from both sides followed suit.