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'Fear the Walking Dead' Recap: The Kids Adjust and an Old Acquaintance Returns

On the "TEOTWAWKI" (The End of the World as We Know It) episode of Fear the Walking Dead, the Clarks decided to make the best of their time at Broke Jaw Ranch. Alicia and Nick bonded with their peers while Madison let everyone in the commune know she was on their side.

Alicia started hanging out with some kids in a Christian youth group. They're just like your typical youth group except they distill their own booze, smoke weed, and have a pet zombie head named Jeff.

Nick and Troy finally seem to have reached some type of understanding. The two bonded after Nick almost shot Troy in the head, causing Troy to declare "I think we can be friends now."

We also caught up with Victor, who went looking for his old buddy Dante. Victor found Dante but apparently his fondness for his old friend was unrequited. Dante dangled Victor from the dam and told him, "You exploit everything that you touch and for that, you owe a debt. You will work it off. You will feel just like the people that you've taken from. You will feel powerless."

Dante ended up throwing Victor in a cell. While locked up, an old acquaintance stopped by and Victor water. That acquaintance was Daniel Salazar.