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'Fear the Walking Dead' recap: one heroine dies and another emerges

On Fear the Walking Dead we learned that Ofelia had been bitten by a walker during last week's escape. And that of course meant she was a dead woman walking.

Just before passing away, Ofelia made Madison promise that she would tell her father that she had "looked forward to getting to know him." But when Daniel showed up he was too heartbroken to hear what Madison had to say.

Meanwhile, Alicia made a new friend while trying to get south. While we were not given a name for the female character, she appears to be pretty strong.

The new character's weapon of choice is a pickaxe, which is pretty sweet despite not being very practical.

The character, played by Edwina Findley, is a bit morose. She also prefers being a lone wolf, telling Alicia, "The problem ain't the killing, it's the friends. This is the life. You ain't gonna find a way out. Not north, not south, not anywhere else."

It'll be interesting to see how this new character develops in the show and how well she works with current alpha-female, Madison.