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Final sprint underway in critical GA senate races

Yahoo News National Reporter & Producer Marquise Francis joins Yahoo Finance's Kristin Myers to break down the latest on the Georgia runoff races.

Video Transcript

- But I do want to start today's show in Georgia. All eyes and the country are on that state right now ahead of tomorrow's high stakes runoff election race. We're joined now by Yahoo News national reporter and producer Marquise Francis for more information on everything that's happening on the ground in the last day before the election. Hey, Marquise. How are you?

MARQUESE FRANCIS: Hey, how are you doing, Kristin? As you mentioned, all eyes are on Georgia. You have high folks from the Democratic and Republican Party all over the state just trying to get people out to vote. Today President-elect Joe Biden's going to be in Atlanta. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was yesterday in Savannah, and you currently have Vice President Mike Pence who is in Milnor, Georgia, giving a speech right now, and President Trump will speak later on in-- I'll be there later on. There's so many places happening. But-- Dalton, Georgia, excuse me.

So but right now Mike Pence, like I mentioned, is speaking, and he said come this Wednesday, we'll have our day in Congress, talking amongst the church there. And they also said we're going to secure the polls. We're going to secure the dropboxes. We're going to get out the vote.

And there's been several times during Mike Pence's speech where there's been-- he had to stop because he's been interrupted by chants of four more years, four more years. And once again, this Senate race has nothing to do with four more years, and yet that seems to be the focus of a lot of the Republicans around the country and more specifically here in Georgia. But you do have two Republican incumbents in David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, hopefully going to get reelected or at least David Perdue. Kelly Loeffler was appointed, and she's seeking to be elected.

And then you have the two Democratic candidates in Reverend Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff, and current polling has them neck in neck. 538 has Ossoff by about a point-- 1.4 and Warnock up by 2 points. But obviously these pollings we've seen can go either way on election day. We saw Georgia flip blue for the first time in 1992, going for Joe Biden, and critics are really wanting to know is Georgia really a swing state. And what happens tomorrow really will kind of decide is the state up for grabs now moving forward. But we also know that the numbers in the ballots won't be counted until polling close around 5:00 in certain areas, 7:00 in others, so we may not know the election results for a couple of days.

But as you mentioned, all eyes are on Georgia, and I actually spoke to a Republican strategist earlier today who was super, super excited, very confident heading into this weekend. And then, of course, there was a phone call where President Trump and the Republican Georgia Secretary of State got out yesterday, leaked by the "Washington Post" in which the president seemingly kind of threatened the Secretary of State with finding at least 11,780 votes.

And the fallout from it has been large and widespread. This could possibly constitute as election fraud, possibly extortion. And this Republican strategist says now she is actually pretty worried that this will have a large effect on this race. So we're really going to see what happens tomorrow.

- And, Marquise, I just kind of want to let everyone know at home as you were mentioning some of those polling numbers, we actually were showing everyone at home some of the betting markets numbers right now according to Smarkets. Right now, those numbers have Ossoff and Warnock pulling ahead of both Perdue and Loeffler right now. So I just wanted to clarify for everyone at home why some of those numbers weren't matching up with what you were saying, with what everyone was saying on screen.

I wanted to quickly ask you, Marquise, before we let you go, I know that the polling is right now very much neck and neck, but how is the voting going? I know that Georgia had this huge get out the vote campaign not just for the 2020 election but another push yet again to get those early voters out for this runoff election. What are those vote tallies looking like right now?

MARQUISE FRANCIS: Absolutely. So as you mentioned, Georgia had historic numbers in the general election. More than 5 million Georgians voted. It was a huge turnout obviously going in Biden's favor. He won by roughly 12,000 votes. And this time around in early voting-- during the early voting period, more than 3 million Georgians have voted thus far, and a third of those are Black Georgian residents, which we know heavily lean towards Democrats.

So those are the early voting numbers. Tomorrow we'll see likely another million or 2 million people will be able to vote. And really the Senate hangs in the balance, and the first two years of President-elect Joe Biden's presidency and what he can possibly get past really decides and hinges on these two Senate seats.

- All right, we are going to leave that there. We have to let Yahoo News national reporter and producer Marquise Francis go because I know he's off to run to yet another event in Georgia for us to keep us updated on everything that's happening there. Marquise, always a pleasure. Thanks for bringing us all those updates.

MARQUISE FRANCIS: Thank you, Kristin.