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‘The Flash’ Recap: Barry’s Most Heart-Wrenching Failure Yet

It was the final countdown as this season’s penultimate episode of The Flash began with 24 hours on the clock until Iris’s death, which Barry was once again unable to prevent. However, this time around, it was even more heart-wrenching.

After sending Barry out on a caviar run, Iris secretly left one last message for Barry and it isn’t until the final climactic scene that the message is revealed. As Barry sprinted to protect the woman he loves and save her from Savitar’s talon, Iris’s video is played simultaneously, revealing that the final message she left for Barry was her wedding vows.

Poor Barry. Not even his consistent selflessness and Dominator technology-infused Speed Force Bazooka could save his bride-to-be from her inevitable fate. But, on the bright side, we still have the season finale next week for Barry to, hopefully, save the day.