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flavrs video platform is 'a place for people who live to eat': CEO

flavrs Co-Founder and CEO Alejandro Oropeza explains the video platform's roots in food, shopping, and technology, as well as discussing positive user engagements and the online celebrity chefs joining the app.

Video Transcript


- A new app for foodies has launched in beta form this week. Flavrs is out now in the iOS App Store, is a platform that merges premium food content and commerce. Now flavors co-founder and CEO, Alejandro Oropeza. Oropeza joins us now. Alejandro, congratulations. Great to have you here on Yahoo Finance. It was pretty impressive have raised funds--

ALEJANDRO OROPEZA: Thank you. Thank you for having me on.

- It's great to have you here. You've raised funds from Andreessen Horowitz, also several celebrity chefs. I was playing around on the app earlier today. Reminds me a lot of the TikTok trend when it comes to food, what you're able to see on that platform. But in your words, describe the app to us.

ALEJANDRO OROPEZA: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. Thank you again for having me on. We're super excited about the beta launch this week. Flavrs is a place for people who live to eat, right? So think about passionate foodies, who've always wanted a single place to be able to watch, shop and eat. That whole idea of watching shopping and eating comes from this very real human insight that when you see something delicious, you generally want to do something about it.

So to give you an idea for what makes this app amazing and unique and why I think these investors got involved with us, is we have a dedicated talent ecosystem of the best of the best food content. This is top chefs, food bloggers, content creators, that have historically been undervalued by a lot of these large platforms. We've built technology around all of these user needs in food. Food is the ultimate universal human experience. And so going really deep into a great product that caters to user need is really important.

The commerce first integrations of being able to watch great video, but then buy ingredients. And in the future, buy many other things, the whole notion of watching, shopping and eating. And I think most importantly, a community built around food, around the passion for food. So the opportunity of building a stand-alone social media platforms is a really interesting one, right? So when you put the best of the best talent with the people who love that talent, and you surround them with a product that's been built for that experience of food, we think there's amazing things that can happen.

- So how do you see that ecosystem growing? Obviously, you have things like food, bloggers, that also tie into this space. How do you see the product developing?

ALEJANDRO OROPEZA: Yeah, so look, it's very early days. We launched in beta this week, right? So beta basically means first version of the product, testing it with users. But what is already encouraging is, we're seeing some of the world's most recognizable faces in the food space already participate on Flavrs.

So you have Eric Ripert from the three Michelin star, Le Bernardin, in New York as a founding partner. You have Binging with Babish, Andrew Rea, one of the biggest content creators on the planet. You have Jamie Milne from Everything Delish. So a collection of people that are already established in these large platforms, but somehow have found Flavrs to be a phenomenal idea and want to participate.

So again, it is day one. We are seeing a lot of inbound interest from content creators and publishers wanting to partner with us. So we're very excited about what's coming again. This is week one. But it is in week one, where we are feeling excited and bullish about the sort of support we've already seen from the food community.

- Very excited. So we've touched on your investors, the creators, great company. But so, too, Alejandro, is your resume. I'm curious some of the things you may have picked up, and stops at Procter & Gamble, Google, and YouTube.

ALEJANDRO OROPEZA: Thank you. So look, I mean, Flavrs, in many ways, is a collection of the history of the founders, right? So we've been focused on food, technology, and content. Like you said, started out trained as a chef, started cooking when I was seven years old, worked for Procter & Gamble, and then spent nine years at Google, then YouTube.

And of course, those combinations, basically, the food experience, the business experience, the content experience really inspired this idea. Working very closely with content creators in YouTube, of course, allow me to understand their needs and how often specific platforms dedicated to their needs and to the needs of specific users can drive huge value for both sides for creators and for users.

- So Alejandro right now, you are in beta. What has the feedback been from users that do have access to this app right now? And what is interest been like so far?

ALEJANDRO OROPEZA: Yeah, so it's just been amazing. We've been very lucky to have a pretty significant uptake this week after the beta launch [INAUDIBLE] what is most interesting is some of the quotes that we're hearing from people, right? So people going into this app and saying they got hungry. It feels meditative. It feels relaxing. It made me happy.

And so our mission is to connect the world through food and to bring people together through that ultimate human universal experience. And the early feedback from our users is telling us that we're doing pretty well at that with people feeling, again, happy, excited, relaxed, hungry. And we want to make them hungry. We want to make sure they watch something delicious. And then they can put it in their belly.

- So Alejandro, if you say you're an up and coming chef, and you wanted to participate, what's the screening process like? Obviously, people can do the recipes. But you need to know what the food tastes like before you put your name behind it. What's that process like?

ALEJANDRO OROPEZA: Absolutely. So I think the easiest way for aspiring content creators and chefs who want to join Flavrs is to go to flavrs.com/creators. We have an interest form that's been going on pretty fast over the last couple of days, and we are looking for a combination of everyone who shapes food culture.

So it's not just three Michelin star chefs. It's not just content creators. We are looking for the next big thing, for the next exciting creator. We're particularly interested in finding creators of diverse origins, creating unique content to add new layers of flavors to the platform. So we're open. If you're watching this and you're a content creator, please sign up. flavrs.com/creators is the best place to do that.

- Lots of foodies here at Yahoo Finance. Thank you for joining us this afternoon. Alejandro Oropeza. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend.