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Florida's most beloved supermarket faces allegations of mistreating LGBTQ workers

If you’ve ever spent time in Florida, you probably know that people there love Publix. The supermarket chain is hugely popular with residents of the Sunshine State. There’s even fan merchandise available online for die-hards.

But despite the huge following, Publix has developed a bad reputation in the LGBTQ community after repeatedly facing accusations of discrimination, as the Miami New Times points out in a new article titled, “Hey, Florida, It’s Time to Stop Blindly Adoring Publix.” The New Times lists several reasons why: In 2012, Publix was ordered to pay cake decorator and former employee Richard Glisson $98,000 after he says he was fired for being gay. (Publix maintains it fired Glisson for giving away a red-velvet cake bar, per the Sun Sentinel.)