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Ford introduces concierge repair services for participating dealerships

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Ford's new concierge repair service that will enable dealerships to pick up and drop off cars from customers' homes for repairs.

Video Transcript


DAVE BRIGGS: Ford, we talked about them earlier. Ford will report earnings on Thursday and share as well, a bit of a rough day today. Up more than 10% though this year. You see the fall today. The automaker plans to make your life easier though, when it comes to repairs. Most Ford dealers will actually participate in a program that promises to pick your car up for service, drop it off when it's repaired.

If, however, it's routine maintenance, like an oil change, mobile technicians can do the work right there at your house. Ford will pay dealers to participate in the program. So basically, if you're one of those people that likes your dry cleaning picked up and dropped off on hangers with starch, this new service is for you, Seana. Does that sound like something that appeals to you?

SEANA SMITH: Certainly, for me.

DAVE BRIGGS: I think it's a huge deal. It's really difficult. You got to go get a dealer, you got to have someone pick you up, you've got to have someone drop you off. It seems like a big win for the customer.

SEANA SMITH: It's a massive win for the customer, and it really just speaks to the competitive landscape right out there, out there right now for automakers. They need to be creative. They need to come up with a certain segment, certain offerings that are tailored directly to their consumer. I think this is very, very smart.

DAVE BRIGGS: Guessing GM is going to have to match that in the year ahead.