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Forrest Fern's Hidden Treasure

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? Well if you find yourself in the Rockies -somewhere in between Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Canadian Border, 87 year-old millionaire and former Vietnam fighter pilot, Forrest Fern has hidden a treasure chest worth millions in emeralds, rubies, diamonds and gold coins.

He originally filled the chest in 1988 after he was diagnosed with cancer and planned to drag it to the mountains and die beside it. He lived and so does the search for the hidden chest.

So here's a clue that he offered in his self-published memoir 'The Thrill of the Chase' and he also shared it on Instagram- here's one stanza of the poem- "Begin it where warm waters halt/and take it in the Canyon/ Not far, but too far to walk/Put it below the home of Brown...

Do you know where the treasure is after that clue?

(-Fenn estimates that 350,000 people have searched for the treasure and four people have even died looking for the chest of goodies.)