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Fox News anchor says Reagan would be challenged in today’s Republican Party

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fox News anchor Bret Baier, who made sure to say he is on during the “news” portion of the day, not the “opinion” part, said he believes Republican hero Ronald Reagan might face some challenges in today’s Republican Party.

Kimmel asked, “Would Republicans today embrace Ronald Reagan? I know we look at him as this wonderful, mythical creature. Do you think the real Ronald Reagan today would go over?” Baier responded, “That’s a really interesting question. I mean, he might have a challenge in a primary.”

Of course, the question came right after Kimmel read a 1961 quote from Reagan that would have gotten him kicked out of today’s Republican Party before he even got through the door. In the quote, the former president said, “Any person in the United States who requires medical attention and cannot provide for himself, should have it provided for him.”

Baier went on to describe something Reagan and President Trump actually have in common…besides their fondness for massive tax cuts for the wealthy. “He was not exactly welcomed in Washington. He was an outsider at the time,” Baier said of a younger Reagan. “He was considered kind of a bomb-thrower during that time. If you translate to this time, it's a lot different.” “Yeah, yeah, no, he would not be considered a bomb-thrower,” Kimmel replied. “He’d barely even be a thrower.”

But then Baier quoted a sign Reagan had on his desk in the Oval Office that showed he and our current president couldn’t be more different. According to Baier, the quote read, “There’s no limit to what a man can do or where he can do it, as long as he doesn’t care who gets the credit.”