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French firefighters battle raging wildfires amid heatwave

Wildfires tear through the French countryside while Europe experiences a record heatwave.

Video Transcript


- More than 1,100 people have died and thousands are being evacuated in Spain, France, and Portugal amid Europe's unprecedented heat wave. More than 2000 firefighters are struggling to contain raging wildfires across southwestern France on Tuesday. The fires have spread over 75 square miles in the countryside surrounding Bordeaux since July 12th. Meanwhile, Britain recorded its highest ever temperature, exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Germany and Belgium are bracing for possible record-breaking temperatures as well.

Now the River Rhine, a key waterway in Europe, which millions of tons of commodities are shipped through, is evaporating to the point where it's just inches away from being too shallow for shipments. Obviously, a very important story to watch from a health perspective. And of course, what this means for businesses there as well. Shauna, what's your take? I mean, you've seen some of these videos. I mean, it's incredible.

- It's awful. It's very serious. You mentioned the fact that over 1,100 people have died in this heat wave. Isn't expected to alleviate until the middle of next week. So certainly, a huge story that we will continue following. You mentioned the fact that we're seeing record temperatures in the UK. Germany just recording its hottest day on record. Hot records are outpacing cool records, Dave, this year, 10 to one.

- It's terrifying.

- 10 to one. It's terrifying. And it's terrifying to think of what it could look like a couple of years from now.

- Denver, Colorado, triple digits today. 100 degrees. Sixth hottest day ever on record. And back to Europe, look, this is an economic issue. We're already in a worldwide food crisis. You're hearing farmers talk about losing 50% possibly of their crops.

And back here, a massive political issue for President Biden, who is expected to declare a climate emergency tomorrow in Massachusetts. Reports are now that he will back away with that. And he get hit hard from Bernie Sanders and the left, but with gas prices where they are, he's in a tough political spot, indeed. But this is a crisis. And I hope we're all paying attention.