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Gen Z by the numbers

Generation Z. The iGeneration. Post-millennials. The Founders. There are a handful of monikers intended to neatly define those born between roughly 1998 and 2015, but at this point “Generation Z” seems to be the one with the staying power. As this group of 61 million young Americans — which makes up 26 percent of the U.S. population — enters its formative years, who exactly is the future of this country and what are they all about? Asking Gen Z-ers to define themselves, they say they are “innovative," “self-aware," “resilient,” and “woke.” They are the children of Generation X and have been raised amid an America in tumult, finding themselves on the front lines of a divided nation. In a series of articles now on Yahoo Lifestyle, we get to know this rising generation and what makes its members so powerful, so opinionated, and so unique. This is Gen Z.