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It Gets Awkward When Rachel's Family Grills One of the Guys on 'The Bachelorette'

Rachel took the three remaining guys (Peter, Eric, and Bryan) home to meet her family on The Bachelorette this week. Her family loved Peter and Eric, calling Peter "The winner," but Bryan's time at the house was a little more stressful.

It all started when Bryan revealed how much he loves his mom. A guy loving his mother is a good thing, but this is the guy whose last relationship failed because of drama between the girl and his mom. You know, the mom who told Rachel, "If he's happy, I'm happy. If not, I will kill you," last week. So when Rachel's mom asked if her daughter would take precedence over his mom, Bryan kinda stumbled. At first, he said his wife would come first, but when Rachel's mom pushed for him to elaborate, there was a long, awkward pause.

The negative vibes in the house continued at dinner when Bryan admitted that he felt like Rachel was his girlfriend in the very beginning of the show. Rachel's sister was a bit shocked by that admission, asking, "She was your girlfriend after, like, a week?" After a few more tough questions from other family members, Bryan finally had to excuse himself from the table for a moment.

Bryan was able to gather himself enough to ask Rachel's mom for her blessing, and after giving him the third degree, she finally gave it to him… kinda. She said, "I'm at a place where, because I trust her judgment, you have my blessing to take this initial love and just build on that." Not a glowing endorsement, but not a "no" either.