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GM Files 2004 Injury Reports on Recalled Cars

General Motors filed 2,004 injury and death reports linked to the recall of its ignition-related defects, according to the Center for Auto Safety. The advocacy group says some of the victims aren't being counted by GM. GM is standing by its estimate of 13 recall-related deaths. Clarence Ditlow is the head of the Center for Auto safety and says "No will ever know the true toll because so many deaths happened so long ago during the cover up. Vehicles and records are no longer available. The toll will certainly exceed 100." GM disputes those claims. Greg Martin, GM Spokesperson told TheStreet, "Without rigorous analysis, it is pure speculation to attempt to draw any meaningful conclusions. In contrast, research is underway at GM and the investigation of the ignition switch recall and the impact of the defective switch is ongoing. " Sue Lee reports from Wall Street.