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GM to launch all-electric hummer Tuesday night

General Motors will be launching its new all-electric super truck hummer on Tuesday night to compete with Elon Musk’s company. Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman joins The Final Round with the latest details.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, well, Rick, we know that Tesla, obviously, has been a fan favorite here now for quite some time. And there are huge Tesla bulls out there, but they're clearly not the only ones in the electric vehicle space. And when you take a look at what GM is doing today, they're going to be unveiling their electric Hummer tonight.

It's a [? guess ?] expected to take on Tesla's cyber track, when that eventually comes to market. But we'll know more details from GM's Hummer tonight. But I guess, from what we do know, how big of a success do you think could this potentially be?

RICK NEWMAN: I think it's going to be a real important vehicle for GM. Now, I'm going to assume they get the execution right on this, that the specs are solid, that, for example, the range is, you know, well above 300 miles on a charge, and things like that, and they don't have any asterisks, in terms of the vehicle's performance.

I think if GM can deliver, as it probably will, it's going to show they're in the game on electric vehicles. So importantly, this would be, a-- I guess you'd call it an SUV, really-- so an SUV delivered before Tesla gets around to delivering its SUV. And they're going to give us-- I think what they're going to do is they're going to tease everybody tonight with some images of the vehicle. And then not until tomorrow are they actually going to tell us the details. So we may not know the details, the specs of the vehicle until tomorrow afternoon.

But GM has been telling everybody, we're spending a lot of money-- many billions of dollars-- because we believe the future of transportation is electric. We're converting plants over to electric vehicle production. So for them to be able to show a vehicle that will be-- this will be a hit if they do it right.

You know, the last time the Hummer came out, it was in the early 2000s. Just to remind people, this is a military-grade vehicle that was converted for civilian use. And it was a huge hit the first time around, even though a lot of people hated it because it was just gargantuan and obnoxious. So I think if they can put the same or similar vehicle on the market, and it doesn't get eight miles to the gallon of gas, you can actually recharge her on electricity, I think it's probably a big winner for GM.