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Golf buddies Ray Romano and Jon Hamm trade impressions

Jon Hamm and Ray Romano might be golf buddies, but at least on the late-night circuit, they’re skewering each other with competing impressions.

In April on The Tonight Show, Hamm delighted Jimmy Fallon with his impression of Romano — an impression that he created based on their golfing together one time.

With only a few words, and with Fallon providing the whooshing sound effects of a poor golf swing, Hamm accurately channeled Romano’s hapless persona and nasal voice.

Now, this isn’t the first time Hamm has knocked Romano. Back in 2010, Hamm told Golf.com that Romano would make his fantasy golf foursome because “nobody gets down on himself quite like Ray about how bad he’s playing, so that makes you feel better about your game.”

Well, last night on The Tonight Show, Romano exacted his revenge. While it certainly looked as though he enjoyed Hamm’s impression, he also took a little bit of offense. “It’s like a double insult,” he said. “Because he’s making fun of my voice and he’s making fun of my golf game. I don’t hit that many bad shots!”

Romano also explained why he thought Hamm’s impression was unfair: “He’s handsome and he’s funny, that son of a bitch!” he said.