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Granny Lyon Shows Off Knife Skills on 'Empire'

On Empire Baby Bella was still missing so Lucious asked his half-brother, Tariq Cousins to help him find his granddaughter. But when Lucious invited Tariq over for lunch, his mother, Leah Walker did the ol' switcheroo with the plated quiche and that was when Lucious realized Leah had put glass in Tariq's quiche. The unpredictable Leah said it was for Fatima's bastard and, "He's not welcome here."

Crazy Leah aside, Lucious managed to get his half-brother on board despite their bad blood and estrangement. Later, using his FBI prowess, Tariq brought in a bound and hooded guy named Sam who had something to do with it. Pressing Sam for information they discovered he would help get kids out of the system "so maybe they won't become bottom feeders." This comment struck a chord with the two foster care brothers and they had a little informal therapy session processing their childhoods by beating the crap out Sam.

When Tariq found Baby Bella at the Dubois household he went back to Lucious to share the good news but Leah snuck up behind him and shanked him the neck with a knife before he could spill the beans.

With a now dead Tariq on Lucious' hands and no knowledge of where Bella is, it'll be an interesting season finale to see how many loose ends are tied up.