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Grey Poupon unveils mustard wine — and it's surprisingly delicious

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Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal taste tests Grey Poupon's new limited-edition mustard seed-infused wine.

Video Transcript

ADAM: Who wouldn't love a nice glass of wine with perhaps some Grey Poupon? All the eats now with Ale from Fame and Fortune to let stuff our faces with something tasty and good. Ale, I'm trying to figure this one out. Grey Poupon which I love that mustard, but and wine?

ALEXANDRA: I know and you know me, Adam. I only cover the real important stories here at Yahoo Finance, but here we go, Grey Poupon wine in all of its glory. The name of this wine is La Moutarde Vin, literally means mustard wine in French. Now, fun fact here, this wine actually sold in just one day according to the Grey Poupon Instagram page.

It costs $30 and it also comes with an 8-ounce jar of Grey Poupon. So honestly, a decent amount of bang for your buck here. I'm very curious to see how this case. I did get a little card in the packaging which explains some of the ingredients, each bottle is infused with gray Poupon mustard seeds.

We also have some honeysuckle in there. As long as Viognier grapes, which come from the South of France, they say this is a full-bodied white. As you can see, it's pretty clear, it doesn't really have that yellow mustard hue which I appreciate with my white wine. This has been chilling in the fridge, let's go try this baby out. Let's see.

ADAM: I hope it tastes more like the grapes than the feet.

ALEXANDRA: Right, so as you can see, a nice color here. It smells a little tangy. See all with the tannins, open up.

ADAM: Our own sommelier.

ALEXANDRA: You know what, it isn't bad. And I'm very picky with my white wine. Ask any of my friends and family whenever I explain it, I always say I want a crisp, fresh finish, and this has that which I'm very, very surprised about honestly.

ADAM: Your facial expressions when you taste some of the things that they bring on to this program are priceless. We need to create a whole set of memes and then sell them, because I will never forget the face you made when you tried that pickle-flavored vodka drink.

ALEXANDRA: Pickle-flavored vodka, also, that the Natty Light vodka, I would much rather have this. Honestly, it's pretty good now. $30 for a bottle of wine, it is on the steeper end, but again, you get this mustard. They are advertising this as more of a lunch wine, you could have it with sandwiches melts.

But honestly, I'm very surprised. This is very good. I'm not really surprised then it's sold out at this point because this is actually very good. I wonder if people had a clue this is going to be good, but doesn't really just very mustardy but very refreshing, I will say.

ADAM: OK, I got to ask you, 30 bucks. OK, you get the Grey Poupon, we can get Grey Poupon for $499, I don't know what it is with inflation now. Would you shell out the $30 for the wine, is it that good?

ALEXANDRA: I would honestly. I mean, yes, this isn't that expensive but it's a nice little token to pair with the wine. It's pretty good. It kind of reminds me of a Santa Margarita which is one of my favorite white wines. And also, a little more on the pricier side, but I'm enjoying this. I'm actually very pleasantly surprised here.

ADAM: Did I hear you say--

ALEXANDRA: Thumbs up.

ADAM: I'm not sure if I have to wrap yet, but I'm curious. Can you still get it or did they sell out of it? I thought they had sold it out.

ALEXANDRA: They sold out. And now, I'm sure they'll be replenishing this because they are selling these for a limited time. But one day, one day Adam, the wine sold out, but here you go. Hopefully, they restock it so that everyone can enjoy it because again, cheers.