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Halle Berry defends her love life and her career during rap battle with James Corden

On the premiere episode of Drop the Mic, the beautiful Halle Berry went up against James Corden himself, who was creating a little mini "Storm" above a lot of shade.

"When it comes to getting married, three divorces is enough. Forget signing autographs, sign a prenup," rapped Corden. Oh no he didn't.

Whether or not Halle was expecting that, she made sure to make one thing clear, when she responded, "You had to go there. And I do have prenups anyway." But her love life wasn't the only thing Halle had to defend, she also had to go to bat for her movie career.

"Tonight, the main event has me up against a legend, and I admit, Halle Berry is well-known in her profession. But let's not pretend that 'Catwoman' didn't suck. Halle, that was a 'Batman' movie. How'd you mess that up?" rapped Corden. But, in the end, Halle made it clear that she's ballin' with the only thing that really matters, when she rapped back, "James has a Tony, that's cool and all. But I have an Oscar, so suck my monster balls!" You go, girl.