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'Hamilton' star's emotional 'DWTS' performance earns highest score of the season

On Dancing With The Stars, Hamilton star Jordan Fisher blew away the audience and the judges with his loving tribute to his adoptive parents Rodney and Pat. Jordan's beautiful dance routine with Lindsay Arnold was called "exquisitely flawless" by judge Bruno Tonioli and earned the first tens of the season. With two tens and one nine, he almost had a perfect score.

"My mother struggled with substance abuse," said Fisher, "She wasn't fit and ready at 15 to be a mom and take care of a kid. My grandparents took me out of that world."

Their contemporary routine was to danced to Us The Duo’s “Take Me Home” and the lyrics resonated: I'm only happy when I'm with you home for me is where you are.

For Jordan, this episode's "Most Memorable Year" theme was the year he was officially adopted and he couldn't have been more grateful. After the routine he fought back tears saying, "I love them so much. And -- excuse me. They're the most selfless, giving, caring people I know. And by definition, have represented what a mom and a dad, a mother and a father, are supposed to embody.