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Harry Styles and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Startled by Tea Time on 'Late Late Show'

Just when you thought The Late Late Show With James Corden couldn't get any more British, Harry Styles and Aaron Taylor-Johnson stopped by for a spot of tea. Harry and Aaron joined James for a fun game of Flinch. Each of the English gentlemen took turns standing behind a glass wall, while the other two fired produce out of a canon at the wall. The goal is not to flinch, but James added another level by giving the guys a cup of tea.

Aaron stepped behind the glass wall first, and before he could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, James fired a tomato that splattered on the wall in front of Aaron's face. Aaron jumped so much that he spilled tea all over his suit. Harry was standing next to James and even he was shocked by the velocity of the tomato.

Harry was up next, and while he didn't freak out as much as Aaron, he was clearly startled when the avocado hit the wall. In the slow-motion replay, it obvious that Harry jumped, but was able to keep most of the tea in his cup.

Finally, James stepped behind the wall to show his British buddies how it's done. After Harry very delicately, and slightly erotically, stuffed the fruit in the canon, they fired away. James calmly watched the fruit splatter on the wall in front of him, and then casually took a sip of his tea… like a boss.