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Here's what the hottest toys for the 2020 Holiday season will be

James Zahn, Senior Editor at The Toy Insider, joins Yahoo Finance's the First Trade with Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi to discuss what new toys we can expect to fly off the shelves this holiday season.

Video Transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: Holiday toy season is heating up. And for a look at what the hot holiday toys might be, we're going to head straight to our man, James Zahn. He's a senior editor over at "The Toy Insider." James, I have a lot of questions to ask about toys, but I see two big giant boxes right in front of you. What are they?

JAMES ZAHN: Yes, these are Present Pets. This is brand new from Spin Master.


And it's so excited, it's going to unbox itself for you this morning.


JAMES ZAHN: Oh, yes. So right here, 100 different phrases and actions from an interactive puppy, because kids always have this idea that they'd love to get a puppy in a big box with a bow on top. And not everybody can have a real puppy. So here we have the Present Pet.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: It sounds like drowning, James.

JAMES ZAHN: You get it, you get a tag. It seems like, oh yes, it's very exciting, it's growling. It's ready to come out.

BRIAN SOZZI: Alexis, this is really happening now.

JAMES ZAHN: This is actually one of the Glitter Pups. There's Glitter Pups and Fancy Pups. And oh, there we go. There she is. So this is one of the Present Pets. This is the first time anyone is seeing this on television. These went up for preorder this morning on all the major retailers. This is going to be in limited supply this holiday season in North America. And then you're going to want to order those or look for them. They're on shelves October 1. So that's Present Pet.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: She's free and she's thrilled, because she's still yapping away.

JAMES ZAHN: She's still.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: How much is she going to retail for?

JAMES ZAHN: $49.99, and magic of television, I have another one right here. So they come in four different styles. It's going to be two different Fancy Pops and two different Glitter Pups. And yeah, they're a lot of fun, 100 different actions. You can pet them, cuddle them, all kinds of cool stuff. Want to talk about Cats Versus Pickles?

BRIAN SOZZI: I'm just taking this, taking it all in. I'm taking it all in, James.

JAMES ZAHN: She's just still yapping. So of course, this is all from "The Toy Insider's" 15th Annual Holiday Gift Guide. The Present Pets is one of our hot 20 items. Cats versus Pickles is one of our 12 under 12. This is, these are $4.99. 68 million views on YouTube already for Cats Versus Pickles. These are little plush collectable characters inspired by a meme. The idea that cats are afraid of pickles. But pickles just want love. So think Beanie Babies, weighting, plush, with beans. Kids can collect a ton of them. These have been selling like gangbusters all summer. Walmart and specialty retail.

We've also got from the makers of LOL Surprise, MGA Entertainment, this is Rainbow High. It's a new fashion doll line. These are articulated fashion dolls. Articulation is very much like an action figure. Each one comes with a separate outfit. There's six different dolls that kids can collect. These are $26.99. They're available almost everywhere, all the big retailers.

Pokemon, kids still got to catch 'em all. Pokemon Trading Card Game, Battle Academy. This can teach folks like myself that never really learned how to play Pokemon, this can teach you how to do it. And the family can get involved. It comes with three starter decks, all the instructions, and a cool board that you can play with.

And then, if you got kids that are really into STEM, science, technology, engineering, math, this is from Thames & Kosmos. This is the Mega Cyborg Hand. This is a 203-piece building set that kids can put together and learn how hydraulics work. And it is an articulated hand. My hand is a little bit large to go in here, but when they put their hand in there, they can actually pull triggers that will activate this thing, and they can lift objects and everything, understand a little robotics and how hydraulics work. There's actually water and stuff running these tubes.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: [INAUDIBLE], those are really awesome. Kids love the collectibles, but how much is that hand going for?

JAMES ZAHN: That hand is $39.95. You're going to find that at stores like Walmart, Hobby Lobby is carrying it as well. And a bunch of the specialty independent toy stores are going to have that one.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: OK, we got to talk one of my favorites, Disney and "The Mandalorian." they're coming out with something called.

JAMES ZAHN: Oh, yes.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: Mando Monday. What is that?

JAMES ZAHN: Mando Monday is going to kick off officially on October 26. They did a sort of ceremonious launch this past Monday. Every Monday for nine weeks, all of the different licensees, so we're talking Hasbro, Funko, all of them are going to be rolling out brand new product tied to "The Mandalorian." And of course, everybody here loves Baby Yoda. We've shown him a few times in different forms. So there will be a ton of that.

One thing I did bring to show you that just hit the streets from Hasbro, this is really tiny, but this is the Star Wars Mission Fleet Collection. These are 2.2-inch scale action figures. And here we have the little child in his pod that can float around. And he is just so adorable. But so small. He's holding the little gear shifter. And these are available at Target right now and Walmart.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: You're killing me with these. I've got to get my hands on that now.

JAMES ZAHN: I know. So yeah, articulated figures, that's a whole new scale for them, the 2.2-inch scale.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: Really, just make sure your cat or dog doesn't eat it, I guess. But they're cute.

JAMES ZAHN: Absolutely.

BRIAN SOZZI: Well, James, well, I'll just leave it there, but I also will say this. My niece watches our show every morning. Now she's going to want one of those Present Puppies, but Uncle Lame is not getting her one. He's not getting her one! She's getting a Yahoo Finance premium subscription, that's what she's getting. James Zahn.

JAMES ZAHN: Yeah, there's so many great toys.

BRIAN SOZZI: Senior editor at "The Toy Insider," always good to see you. All right.

JAMES ZAHN: Thanks for having me.