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TV shows you should binge watch this holiday weekend

Yahoo Finance’s Alexandra Canal shares which TV shows and movies people should watch with their families this long Thanksgiving weekend.

Video Transcript


AKIKO FUJITA: Netflix has a new champion on its hands-- or a chess champion, to be exact. A record 62 million households watched the hit show "Queen's Gambit" in the first month. That makes it the biggest limited series to date for Netflix. One of many shows, of course, that Americans are sure to be watching over this Thanksgiving weekend. Let's bring in Ali Canal, who is looking through all these shows for us on which ones are most binge worthy as we go into the long weekend. Ali?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Exactly, Akiko. It's Thanksgiving. We have Black Friday. So of course they're going to be binging on turkey and gravy. But we've got to binge on our TV and our movies as well. And you're absolutely right when it comes to "The Queen's Gambit." Netflix has been championing this show all over the place. They are super proud of it. As you mentioned, over 60 million users tuned in to watch, according to the company.

Now I do want a caveat that because Netflix does account for its viewership a bit differently than traditional TV. They account a viewer as someone who has watched a piece of content for at least two minutes. That's significantly less than some other TV metrics out there. But regardless, you cannot deny how successful this show has been.

And even beyond just television, we're seeing the ripple effects. Google searches on how to play chess hit a nine-year high. Chess boards have been flying off of the shelves. eBay, other platforms, have seen growth of over 120% when it comes to sales. And it's all thanks to this show.

Now, it does deal with some darker themes such as addiction. But the acting is absolutely incredible. Anya Taylor-Joy is fantastic. So it's certainly one show to keep on your radar. And I did speak to one company called Reelgood, which is a streaming hub that hosts all of your different streaming devices in one place. So they have some really good insight when it comes to what consumers are watching right now.

And the week leading up to the holiday, "The Queen's Gambit," no surprise, is at number one. That's followed by Disney Plus's "The Mandalorian," HBO's "The Undoing," Paramount's "Yellowstone," and Netflix's other bingeable series "The Crown."

And I know that's bingeable because my mother watched the entire season in a weekend, maybe even less than that. It came out on November 15th. Already getting a lot of Emmy buzz. People seem to be really interested in the royals right now. There are several Princess Diana documentaries available on Netflix. So if the royals are your cup of tea, if you will, that streamer is certainly one to watch.

Now when it comes to some other content out there, maybe you want something a little lighter, something a little more fun. I would recommend "Schitt's Creek." Now "Schitt's Creek" absolutely dominated the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards. It walked away with seven primetime wins, including Outstanding Comedy Series. It is also the only show in the drama categories and the comedy categories to have swept all four acting wins. So they certainly have the accolades out there. And even though it's a show that airs on Pop TV, all six seasons are currently available on Netflix.

Another comedy that I'm keeping my eye on is "Ted Lasso," which is on Apple TV Plus. Now we normally wouldn't gravitate towards this type of series, but the reviews have been pretty amazing. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that it has a big heart. And because of the coronavirus pandemic, people seem to be really craving that escapism right now, something that could tug at your heartstrings, something a little lighter. And "Ted Lasso" certainly delivers that.

And then, finally, I want to talk about the movies that we can binge, specifically Hollywood-- I'm sorry, holiday movies, because Reelgood told me that interest in those Thanksgiving, Christmas movies, that's been peaking in the week leading up to this long weekend. According to Real Good, number one is "Elf." That's always a classic. It gets me in the mood. Followed by "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," "Home Alone," and then my personal favorite, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

So this is certainly enough to get everyone started. I know this is a year where we have not had a lot of content. Movie theaters are still largely shut down across the country, especially as cases continue to rise. A lot of those blockbusters that we have been looking forward to are now being pushed into 2021, potentially 2022. And even some series that were renewed have now been canceled because of the pandemic. There was certainly backlash after Netflix canceled both "Glow" and "The Society."

But despite all of that, there is still a lot of entertainment out there. There are still a lot of things to watch. I know some of us are not going to be with our families due to this pandemic. So it's a perfect time. Some self-care, sit back, eat a turkey leg, watch your favorite show. It's a great time.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Hey, Ali, Brian here. I want to ask about the holiday movies bit. What's been interesting is that I think Netflix has its own original content, too. I'm a huge Vanessa Hudgens fan, so I know that there's "The Princess Switch," the sequel, even though the first one wasn't rated that well. But [INAUDIBLE] Vanessa Hudgens, you've got me hooked. So I guess the question here is, is this really going to impinge or encroach on the Hallmark Channel kind of territory? Is there expected to be more interest in these quick, cheap holiday films with people stuck at home?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Yeah, Netflix really seems to really be leaning into this genre. And it's not just Christmas. If we think about a "Kissing Booth" and "The Kissing Booth 2," there's a third one coming out. Again, that cheesy romcom vibe, people really want that content. And I think because of the environment that we're in right now, because people are sort of desperate to not think about coronavirus, not think about the economy or the election, all these crazy headlines that we've been dealing with, they want some of that cheesiness.

"The Princess Switch 2," I watched the first one. I still have to watch the second one. My brother and my mom watched it last night. And I am a huge Vanessa Hudgens fan, so I will certainly be tuning in. But that's been a huge success in Netflix. And they wouldn't keep doing these sequels if they weren't attracting that audience demand. So I do think that they are taking a cue from the Lifetime, Hallmark movies. But at the end of the day, Hallmark is sort of the quintessential Christmas romcom. So I think they're still going to maintain their position. But Netflix is certainly leaning into it as well.

AKIKO FUJITA: Wow. Ali and Brian Cheung professing their love for Vanessa Hudgens.


AKIKO FUJITA: An unexpected turn here on Yahoo Finance. I actually have never watched a movie that she has been in, but I have started bingeing "The Crown." I'm way behind on the first season, still three episodes in, but certainly--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Talk to my mom, Akiko. She's got that covered.