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This HUGE Opportunity for Starbucks has Zero to Do with Free College


Starbucks is doing amazing things in integrating mobile technology into its global store base. McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts are so far behind the green and white mermaid it’s laughable. Over time, as the company’s mobile initiatives increasingly enhance how guests interact with the stores while there, and not there, Starbucks should experience a nice lift in its long-term transaction counts and average transaction value. How could we not mention the leadership position Starbucks has now assumed by offering to pay for tuition for its worker base at Arizona State University. However, the topic of mobile domination, free online classes, and new food options by Starbucks overlooks one of the simplest, but perhaps largest, opportunities for the company. That opportunity? Brian Sozzi, CEO Belus Capital Advisors and Analyst for TheStreet, shares the details.