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Husband surprises his wife with a killer anniversary gift

Wedding photos are meant to be special, romantic, and memorable, right? Well, Vincent Alexander decided he wanted his pictures to be funny! Alexander and his wife, Manda, tied the knot last March. They hired photographer Megan Bowling of Pop of Color Images to capture the unforgettable day.

Everything seemed normal, except Alexander had a surprise for his bride. He recruited his brother Matt to dress up as a killer clown to photobomb their wedding pictures. Everyone was in on the prank — except for Manda. “I planned it out. I talked to my photographer, the wedding planner, and the person that was running the event,” Alexander told People.

A year later, on their first anniversary, he framed one of the photos and revealed the clown cameo to his wife. In a video Alexander shared on Facebook, Manda is seen unwrapping her gift and bursting into laughter. He captioned the video: “The pressure is finally off. Happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you to death.” (pun intended).