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Ice Cube Gives Stephen Colbert a New Rap Persona and Scowl

Ice Cube rolled by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he helped the host out with his rap persona. Ice Cube rose to fame after the success of his rap group, N.W.A. Ice Cube then rolled his successful rap career into and incredibly successful film career.

Hoping to catch some of that mojo, Stephen Colbert asked the rapper to give him a name as cool as Ice Cube. Ice Cube said, "Most guys when they do a rap name, guys like yourself, they'll say, 'My name is S.C.,' or something real weak like that. But I'm going to call you Daddy Colbert." The rapper then added to the name suggesting, "Pimp Daddy Colbert."

With Colbert's rapper name determined, the only thing left to for Ice Cube to do was teach him his signature scowl. Ice Cube revealed that the secret to the scowl is that "You gotta mean it." After Ice Cube demonstrated scowl, Pimp Daddy Colbert followed suit and drew a lot hooting and hollering from the crowd.