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Intel debuts 13th generation processors amid PC sales slump

Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley discusses the debut of Intel's newest core processors, which are geared towards gamers and creators.

Video Transcript

- It has been a brutal time for semiconductors. Those chip stocks have taken a huge hit as rates rise. We know that that, of course, is a huge headwind here for some of the biggest names within the sector, Nvidia, of course, bouncing off its 52-week low, off just around 23% in the past month.

AMD has also been under a tremendous amount of pressure, dropping more than 26% in the past month, competitor Intel not too far behind, off nearly 20%. But Intel is trying to turn things around, the company debuting its new 13th Gen Core processors. Today Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley joins us with those details. Dan, what can you tell us?

DAN HOWLEY: That's right, Seana. They introduced their new 13th Generation Intel Core processors today. These chips, they say, top out with its I9 processor. They say it's the most powerful computer processor in the world, at least as far as the standard home processors go. I'm sure there's bigger ones out there in supercomputers.

But this is supposed to be one of the ways that the company is trying to wrestle back control of the market from the likes of AMD, as well as competitors like Qualcomm, which are increasingly pushing their way into the PC market. The event here, Intel Innovation, focused, though, primarily on what developers can bring to Intel and how they can help expand the company's value. They used to have an Intel Developer forum conference. This now is taking place of that.

And this is something that Pat Gelsinger pushed onstage during his keynote, basically talking about how developers will help push Intel into the future, not just its silicon. One of the big showcases they had was, believe it or not, some of the vision technologies that they have, using the likes of Chipotle as an example, how AI vision computing can be used to help restaurants see what kind of products they have that are running low and then quickly put them back into place.

There was a really interesting demonstration that Pat Gelsinger was showing of grabbing salsa verde out of this case that was supposed to be a simulation of what a Chipotle bar would look like and then really quickly having the AI being able to say, look, you know you're running low on this particular product. You have to refill it. So they're really pushing forward with this developer aspect of things and hoping that gets them back to where they were.

Obviously, Intel had a very, very rough Q2. Q3 also could be problematic. And we're looking at that, as you said, because the PC market itself really starting to fall flat, although we've seen servers kind of holding up on their side of things.

- Indeed, Intel pushing ahead though by the sounds of things. Great to have you on. Dan Howley, thank you for joining us this afternoon.