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Irate In-Laws Infuriate Newlyweds on 'Married At First Sight'

On Married at First Sight, our three couples' 16 days old marriages were experiencing the added pressure of meeting and dealing with their in-laws. Anthony was still upset with his sister-in-law Lauren, for sending Ashley articles about shark attacks just before kayaking. "Thanks so much for that nice article by the way," he sarcastically commented. After asking about when and if they were going to have babies Lauren brought up the whole living closer thing again and he was annoyed saying, "I'm gonna do whatever the f*** I want."

Meanwhile, Nate and Sheila were contending with old wounds when Sheila's family came over for dinner. Sheila's sister didn't show up to the wedding after realizing her boyfriend was not invited.

"My sister said the ugliest things to me imaginable," said Sheila to her father. But her father felt like the wedding should have been about family and not the couple (despite the 25 person limit on people who could attend). Nate defended his wife from his new father-in-law saying, "While you're in my household I want peace in my household."