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J.Lo’s bikini situation has everyone talking, especially Yahoo readers

While some people might mark their 49th birthdays alone, eating a slice of cake by candlelight and mourning the passage of time, singer, actress and dancer Jennifer Lopez did not do that.

The triple threat celebrated by sharing some snaps of her family’s Bahamian adventure. In one photo J.Lo showed off her black-string-bikini-adorned figure – which is impressive for any age.

She later slipped into a gorgeous green dress and thanked her followers for their well wishes: “What a lucky girl I am to have such loyal and loving fans. I am eternally grateful to ALL of you!!”

Much like J.Lo, Yahoo readers weren’t shy in commenting on the star’s build.

“She looks amazing,” one reader left in the comments section of the original Yahoo Lifestyle article. “Is A-Rod keeping up?” another commenter asked, referring to Lopez’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.

Many commenters felt that the star’s fame and money unfairly contributed to her ability to stay in shape: “She looks GREAT for a 49-year-old who can afford to pay people to keep her in shape,” one reader said. “Personal trainers will do wonders for your figure.”

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