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James Van Der Beek Reveals When 'Dawson's Creek' Jumped the Shark

Former Dawson's Creek star James Vanderbeek dropped by Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. And the host didn't want to wait for his life to be over before asking Vanderbeek some questions about the cult classic.

During a segment called "I Don't Want to Wait," Cohen asked Van Der Beek, "Was there a moment when you thought Dawson's creek jumped the shark?"

The star was happy to answer Cohen's question saying, "Yeah, at end of season two when I had to wear a wire to implicate Joey's father for a drug deal gone bad." Considering the show ran for 6 seasons, that seems pretty early to have "jumped the shark."

Cohen also asked the star about his former onscreen love interest Katie Holmes, saying "Were you surprised that Katie Holmes wound up marrying Tom Cruise?" To which a smiling Van Der Beek responded, "Yes."