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Jared Kushner is the butt of jokes after security clearance is downgraded

Yesterday some shocking news came out of the White House. Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump and son in law to the president, had his security clearance downgraded.

Now what that means is, Kushner, a White House advisor, will only have access to secret level intelligence and NOT TOP secret information. Neither Jared or Trump has responded to the shocking downgrade - but the internet did. Oh BOY did they respond. And as you can imagine, much of twitter mercilessly mocked the first son in law.

Jason posted this photo onto twitter writing, if anyone in the White House wants to make fun of Jared Kushner after his security clearance was downgraded, send him this. And the funny tweets just kept rolling in. John said, Jared losing his security clearance is the drunk rich friend who has his drivers license suspended and now everyone has to drive him around. Dan wrote, if you have a key to your own diary, you have higher security clearance than Jared Kushner.

And of course, late night television had a field day. The crowd cheered when Stephen Colbert made the announcement - but Colbert had some concerns.

And the Daily show host, Trevor Noah was a bit confused how the White House will handle business now…But hey, on the bright side, Ivanka is still doing well as Orli pointed out on twitter. Jared Kushner loses his clearance while Ivanka gets added to it.