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Jeremy Renner Explains How He Broke Both Arms During Comedy Stunt

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jeremy Renner stopped by and explained in detail how he managed to break both his arms while on set shooting the upcoming comedy, Tag. "It was a stunt falling off a stack of chairs, like 20 feet, and the chairs didn't fall but I fell onto my arms," said Renner. Renner was supposed to fall with the chairs, get up, run and as he put it, "look cool doing it."

And although Renner didn't look so cool in the take where he broke his arms, it didn't stop him from doing another take, this time in a lot more pain. "I knew when I hit the ground, it wasn't good. Because I couldn't feel my arms. But then I went back up the stack of chairs and did it again."

Fortunately, Renner got patched up at the hospital during his lunch break and when he went back to work he got to have a bit of fun with Ed Helms. "I had to chuck doughnuts at Ed Helms. Which is so awesome," he said.