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Jim Cramer: Starbucks is a Now Must Own Growth Stock


TheStreet's Jim Cramer says that Starbucks' stock is for sale. Cramer spoke to Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, this morning. Cramer asks what the big sellers seem to know. Cramer thinks they are taking a nice profit, something Cramer is not against, however Cramer thinks Starbucks has become a must own growth stock. Cramer wishes he didn't talk about Starbucks this morning becuase otherwise his charitable trust would be buying it anywhere from $76 to $78. Cramer calls Starbucks 22% growth while being flat to down for the year an aberration. Cramer likes Starbucks' tea, sandwiches, drive-thru, and Fizzio, consumer packaged goods, as well as Europe's new stores, and China's. Cramer says, "if you want to sell Starbucks, be my guest."