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Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers defend founding fathers after Trump's comments

Jimmy Fallon stopped by Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Summer Edition as George Washington. He came on to defend America's first president against some comments Donald Trump made comparing Washington to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Trump was making the argument that if people are tearing down Confederate statues now, they might start tearing down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues next because they also owned slaves.

Jimmy made it clear that Washington was nothing like Lee, saying, "I created this country, he tried to tear it apart. I rebelled against England, he rebelled against America." When Michael Che pointed out that Washington owned slaves, Jimmy said that it was wrong, and then added, "If you want to talk about owning slaves, talk about Thomas Jefferson." Right then, Seth Meyers, who was dressed as Thomas Jefferson, slid in next to Jimmy. Seth wasn't gonna let Trump put the founding fathers in the same category as Lee, saying, "We have all done bad things. The difference between us and Robert E. Lee is we did good things. I wrote the Declaration of Independence." Jimmy then said, "Not to be a jerk, but I won my war," and Seth added, "I'm sorry, Robert E. Lee, but I prefer generals who win wars."

In the end, the presidents decided that they didn't need statues of themselves, because their legacy is America itself. Plus, they already receive the highest honor possible. Jimmy said, "A three-day weekend when all Americans get 50% off all mattresses."