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Jimmy Fallon's Summer of 'Stache and Bro Biking With Justin Timberlake

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon returned after a break with a newer hairier look. He was a little self-conscious of his week long beard saying, "I want to apologize to our great audience, for being here and putting up with this. 'Cause it's not me. I want to give you the quality facial hair that you deserve."

Fallon's big plan is to grow a beard out and then trim it down to a mustache saying, "This is going to be the summer of 'stache for me. All of July I will have a mustache."

But Fallon wasn't just growing beards during that time off. He was also spending time in The Hamptons with Justin Timberlake. Fallon showed a video that Timberlake had taken of the two of them tandem biking through the Hamptons.

Though Jimmy and Justin's early summer of love was a tandem delight, the Twittersphere was very concerned about Jimmy's new face, with feedback ranging from disgust to delight. But the new look got a thumbs up from Fallon's guest and beard alumni, John Lithgow. And if you don't agree with Lithgow, not to worry, Jimmy hopes it'll be better in a week.