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How Joah Love pivoted business during COVID-19

Ahyoung Kim Stobar, Joah Love founder, joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss how she pivoted business during COVID-19 and created the company's signature infinity masks.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: We want to bring back in Ahyoung Kim Stobar, founder of Joah Love. It's a children's clothing brand. And Ahyoung, thanks so much for sticking with us. I believe we have our audio issues worked out. Let's just start with where we are today. And looking past over the last year during the pandemic, how did you navigate the uncertainty of the past year with a small business?

AHYOUNG KIM STOBAR: Well, about a year, a little bit over a year ago, we were faced with the possibility of having to close down our company that I started 13 years ago. That was a very scary time for us, but I had to act fast. I had to do something about it. And that's why I decided to launch our adjustable [AUDIO OUT] face masks. It seemed fitting, because at that time, when everybody's hoarding like sanitizers and toilet paper, it didn't feel right to me to push beautiful clothing for children, because who's really shopping during this scary time?

So we started launching the masks, and in the very beginning, we got some pushback, because back then, people weren't, masks were not a thing. So we got some backlash on social media because they just didn't understand them. But being a Korean-American, we wear masks. In Korea, you wear a mask. So to me, it was a natural next step to try to save the business first of all, and also to provide something that I felt the general public would definitely need.

ADAM SHAPIRO: As we emerge from the pandemic, where do you see the growth though? I had asked you about the clothing, the ultra soft clothing for children, but where is the growth in addition to that going to be?

AHYOUNG KIM STOBAR: Well, we've seen a huge increase in sales. I would say about 1,800% from the previous year to 2020, which is really insane. But where we focus our efforts is, to provide more direct to consumer. Direct to consumer.


Fashion for adults and children of all genders and ages. So I would say to watch out for that, as well as being more active in the AAPI community and donating more and being involved in the more the philanthropy.

ADAM SHAPIRO: We wish you the best. I just want to say, love the photo in the background you have of the notorious RBG, it's great. Continued success, and please join us again. Joah Love founder.