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John Belushi Allegedly Asked 'Hollywood Medium' to Apologize for How He Died

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry visited former supermodel Janice Dickinson and together they channelled the spirit of former comedian and Saturday Night Live star, John Belushi. At the height of fame, Belushi passed away from a drug overdose in 1982.

While holding an old scarf of Belushi's, Henry channelled the comedian saying, "He just basically apologizes for this because the man had a lot of dignity, a lot of pride but he doesn't want all the question marks around his passing to really define his life, and that was very important for him. He didn't want that death to ultimately be what everyone associates with him."

Janice Dickinson was a close friend of Belushi's and his passing hit her hard. She defended her deceased friend saying, "He wasn't a junkie. He died of a speedball administered by...And that's why I know he didn't want to be remembered by that, because that was not his legacy."

After the reading, Dickinson thanked Henry for helping her contact Belushi, saying "I feel comforted now that he is at peace."