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John Oliver Accuses Alex Jones of Making Up Conspiracies to Sell 'InfoWars' Products

On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the host discussed the InfoWars host Alex Jones. Jones is known for making outrageous conspiracy claims like 9-11 being an "inside job" and that the Sandy Hook shootings were staged.

Rather than go after Jones for his far right rhetoric, Oliver went after him for profiting off of fear mongering.

Jones's show is 4 hours long and reportedly averages 6 million viewers. Jones does not run traditional ads during his segments and instead directly sells his own products to the viewers.

Oliver pointed out that Jones often uses his platform to create absurd accusations and then immediately sell something that will help combat the aforementioned problem.

Jones also enlists the help Dr. Edward Group III to validate his line of expensive dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies. Dr. Group claims to be an MIT alum but the prestigious school says that is not that case and that he only completed a short non-degree certificate program there.