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John Oliver Blasts Reps Who Voted for Rushed Trump Healthcare Bill

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver took on the new House-passed health care bill to replace Obamacare. Oliver pointed out how the bill was so rushed that not only did the Congressional Budget Office not have to time to evaluate and score it but that some of the people who passed it hadn't even read it.

Oliver called out Representative Mark Sanford, who said during an interview that he didn't necessarily read the bill, but that he "attempted to read the entire bill" by turning the pages. To which Oliver responded, "That's not how you read a bill, that's how you check a bill for spiders."

Oliver then shifted to representative Chris Collins, who admitted that instead of reading the bill he was briefed by his staff. But apparently they failed to inform him that the bill would cut health care funding to 19,000 of his constituents. And when The Buffalo News pointed that out, Collins asked them to "explain that to me." Oliver was happy to explain to Collin's, saying, "Essentially, you f*cked up."